We recommend a headless approach for your e-commerce store. How can your business benefit from it? Well, if the frontend is the head, and the backend and the database of the store are the rest, decoupling the frontend can bring a number of performance and customer experience benefits to your online store.

This is what you get:


Independent frontend means you can create different shop looks for different devices. At the same time, you can manage the store from the level of one backend. It helps you process orders from different devices using the same for all backend, which is enormous optimization for your business.


Frontend cut off from backend can be created in any technology or framework. It is important in the case of advanced UX designs which usually require specific solutions.


Headless ecommerce stores work faster and are more secure. All this thanks to separation of components that are placed on other servers.

Speed up your ecommerce store.
Better security and larger flexibility.

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