SecDevOps is our work methodology. Sec stands for project security and extends DevOps – software development and its maintenance. In the IT world, you will meet the DevSecOps concept, while we are awarded with Sec, because we believe that the security of your product is the absolute basis of its success.

This is what you get:


We use a security tool that we attach to the server. As a result, we can constantly monitor the security of your website, as well as its maintenance.


We believe that the security of your software is the basis of its success. That is why we adhere to the principal: Security First. The security pattern is something we don’t start a project without.


You are in good hands – so far we have detected and secured over 600,000 security incidents for our clients. We will protect your website from attacks using as many as 11 layers of security.

We protect your product’s success with
Security First and Shift Left Security approaches.

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Avec Pharma

Online store for the pharmacy, extending existing distribution channels.

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Mobile application and platform for augmented reality

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