Internet of things (IoT)

The Internet of Things will allow you to introduce a product to the market in the spirit of the most modern technologies. It does not matter if you already have a clear vision of the product or just a sketch of the idea − we will help you develop PoC as a demo for your potential customers, and finally introduce the finished product to the market.

This is what you get:


We have on board over 30 specialists of different areas and their average professional experience is 8 years. We have all already worked in plenty of branches for plenty of clients. It gives us a massive know-how for your product, no matter what your industry is.


Before we start a project for you, we develop a security strategy for the software. We embody the principle: Security First. Also, we code embedded software using a combination of C and C++ languages which makes your product even more secure and powerful.


If you don’t have a clear vision of your product, we can do research to discover the needs of your business and to analyse strengths and weaknesses of your competition. Also, as we have marketing specialists on board, we are ready to conduct a strategic workshop for you, during which we will jointly develop the key assumptions of your product and its communication.

We will help you in digital transformation,
creating smart products and contributing to society.

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Avec Pharma

Online store for the pharmacy, extending existing distribution channels.

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Mobile application and platform for augmented reality

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