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DevSecOps is a set of practices that combines software development (Dev), security (Sec) and IT operations (Ops).

It creates a shared foundation for different teams to work together, breaking down silos, closing gaps and ensuring product alignment with clients needs, goals and project specification.


What we bring on

Our DevSecOps services help businesses automate and streamline their software development in:

Continuous Integration and Delivery

Continuous Integration and Delivery

Automated builds and tests catch issues early in the development cycle. CI ensures that code is stable, reliable, and working as expected. CD reduces the time from code changes to deployment. As soon as code changes pass through the CI process, they are automatically deployed, allowing new features or bug fixes to be released to users more quickly.

Silos Break Down & Collaborative Work Environment

Silos Break Down & Collaborative Work Environment

We create a balanced playground with a feedback loop for cross-functional teams, encouraging a collaborative culture that breaks down silos. This brings together developers, operations teams, and other stakeholders to work seamlessly throughout the software development lifecycle.

Agile Development & Rapid Delivery

Agile Development & Rapid Delivery

We adopt an agile development methodology, which focuses on delivering small, incremental improvements. This ensures that the software is delivered faster, and you can respond more quickly to customer feedback or market changes.

Infrastructure as Code

Infrastructure as Code

We implement version controlled deployment of automated infrastructure, ensuring consistency across multiple environments, reducing configuration drift, and guaranteeing application behavior. This allows developers and operations teams to work together to manage infrastructure resources.

Visibility / Monitoring & Tracing

Visibility / Monitoring & Tracing

We promote continuous monitoring and feedback, enabling you to identify and address issues on the spot with a crystal-clear view without struggle.

Security as a Core

Silos Break Down & Collaborative Work Environment

At KYOTU security is an integral part of every product development. We cover the full spectrum of the Shift Left Security approach, always adhering to the principle of least privilege, static application security testing, and avoiding plain text variables by using a secret store – vault.

Three cooperation models

Audit / Plan / Implementation

SDLC process & Infrastructure audits (& improvements)


Staffing your project with a right competencies

Kubernetes / IaC

Polished and complete, future-proof cloud infrastructure orchestrated with Kubernetes on AWS, Azure, GCP or any cloud

We help organizations build coherent processes across Development, Security and Operations teams.

Consult your project

Best tools & solutions

Our development team evolves its processes and implements new tools based on proven and professional solutions. The tools we use to create new products are based on market-known and secure services. That allows us to offer the highest security and quality for our clients

Public Clouds
Public Clouds
aws Google-Cloud Microsoft Azure
Xen OpenVZ docker openstack Vmware
ansible cloud-init packer terraform
argo flux
beats Datadog fluentd kibana prometheus Splunk zabbix
checkov kind SonarQube
haproxy istio nginx openresty traefik
crossplane helm kyverno metallb openshift starboard strimzi trivy vault
Ceph drbd Gluster LVM unisonlogo
Openvswitch Shorewall
azure devops bamboo GitHub GitLab jenkins
kafka RabbitMQ
Elasticsearch Memcached mongo db mysql Neo4j PostgreSQL
Consul etcd horizontal
Cloudflare Fail2ban selinux waf

Why Us?

Our strong DevOps team, consisting of experts with extensive and varied experience, provides fully compliant solutions and supports the entire Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC). We are battle-tested, grounded in principles and best practices, always staying current with the latest trends and cutting-edge technologies. This results in a mix that allows us to be agile, flexible and deliver quality at every phase of your product!

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