BionicGym application

IoT application to control BionicGym fitness device
BionicGym application
BionicGym application

What is the goal of this project?

The primary objective of this project was to enhance the user experience and system performance of BionicGym's IoT fitness device by redesigning their website, developing new mobile app functionalities, and optimizing backend infrastructure.

tekst Bionic Gym's
10000 Active Users
Since the launch of the redesigned website and enhanced mobile app, BionicGym has successfully reached over 10,000 active users.
12 Experts in the Project Team
1 Project manager
1 DevOps Engineer
2 Backend developers
2 Mobile developers
2 Shopify developers
3 Designers
1 Tester
3 Geographical Regions
Our collaboration with BionicGym enabled us to develop a robust infrastructure that efficiently covers three major geographical regions: US, Europe, and Asia.
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  • Seamless integration with the BionicGym fitness device, enabling users to efficiently control and monitor their workouts
  • User-friendly dashboard for managing workouts, tracking progress, and reviewing system statistics, providing a personalized and goal-oriented fitness experience
  • Robust notifications system to keep users informed and engaged throughout their fitness journey


Our team leveraged a wide range of cutting-edge technologies and tools to create an integrated and efficient software ecosystem for BionicGym, including:

  • Shopify for website design and development
  • Figma for design and prototyping
  • React Native for mobile app development
  • ReactJS for the admin portal
  • Node.js for backend development
  • MongoDB as the database solution
  • AWS and Firebase for cloud infrastructure

By harnessing these advanced technologies, we ensured a seamless and user-friendly experience for BionicGym users, enabling them to make the most of this innovative fitness solution.


Marcin Kupisz

Project Manager

DevSecOps Engineer

Backend Developer

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Backend developer

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Mobile developer

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Mobile developer

Marcin Biernacki

Web Developer

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Shopify developer

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QA Engineer

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