About our client:

AR+ is an agency that creates augmented reality campaigns. The agency approached us to order a PoC, a platform for broadcasting digital content in augmented reality.


Our challenges and tasks:

Creating a tool that allows brands to build a unique brand image and promote new products, competitions, and events.

Finding a way to use devices so brands can communicate continuously and the audience can see more.

Democratizing the advertising market so that the recipient decides what and when to watch. Those brands that communicate more value have an advantage, not those that are more prominent.


Our solution:

A platform and mobile application that extend communication possibilities through augmented reality. It is a breakthrough channel that exceeds traditional radio, TV, the Internet, or the press.

Mixed reality, between offline and online, is a solution based on a fundamental human driver – curiosity to discover secrets and uncover what is hidden.

Promotional campaigns in the application rotate organically because they are attractive. This channel has action potential, especially for creative and marketing agencies.


Technologies we used:

WordPress, Takondi (CMS AR), node.js, s3

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