The background for the project:

The first version of the application, SafeSafe App, was created via a grassroots initiative.

In April of 2020, the Ministry of Digitization and the Polish government decided to authorise the application. Thanks to this, Google and Apple could add the solution to their app stores. This is how STOP COVID ProteGO Safe was born.


Our challenges and tasks:

Informing users about the risks after coming into contact with an infected person.

Creating a button to obtain a medical COVID-19 test and to have fast access to all relevant health hotlines provided.

Prototyping solutions, user research and testing, UX writing, and user flows.


Our solution:

The first version of the app contained three main functions:

Self-observation and self-assessment of health condition – a professional COVID-19 infection risk assessment survey based on the World Health Organization (WHO) guidelines and the Robert Koch Institute.

Health diary – to record daily health observations and to create medical documentation.

Prophylaxis – tips on seeking a specialist’s help, key points to remember, how to protect yourself against infection.


The next version of the application got a new design and new features:

The possibility to monitor contact between devices. Thanks to this, any user diagnosed with COVID-19 could anonymously alert people with whom he had been in contact.

The possibility of signing up for a COVID-19 test without the need of contacting a primary care physician.

Information about current restrictions in counties.

Access to statistics in the form of push notifications (number of people infected, dead, or vaccinated).

Chatbot solving technical problems for users.


Technologies we used:

AdobeXD, Zeplin, Sketch, JavaScript (React), Kotlin Swift Typescript Java Firebase (Cloud Messaging, Firestore, Storage), Cloud Functions, Cloud Scheduler, Cloud Run, Agile, Miro, Jira

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