BionicGym application

About our client:

BionicGym is a revolutionary fitness device using Neuromuscular Electrical Stimulation (NMES) to activate human muscles. As a result, the heart pumps harder and faster to deliver blood supplying muscles with oxygen and energy. This trains the cardio system and muscles, heats up the body and eventually burns calories.


Our challenges and tasks:

BionicGym device is controlled by the mobile application through BLE technology. We had to face different aspects of communication in this complex system. We decided that workouts programs would be transferred to device from cloud backend solutions which means the app needs to first get it via the Internet connection from REST API and secondly send it to the device. Moreover, the firmware of the device needs to upgraded to provide users with the latest security and system updates. For this, we had to create the proper OTA flow and user-friendly admin panel. Another challenging aspect of the product was the advanced statistics solution. Product development is driven by the data, so on one side we had to create a proper data flow, and on the other hand, we made it with sensitive user-data protection.


Our solution:

The mobile is written in React Native technology with a BLE library for wireless communication with the device. This approach fastens the development as a major part of the code is written once for both Android and iOS operating systems. The app exchanges data with RESTfull API served by created by us Node.js backend solution deployed in the AWS cloud infrastructure. The database used by us was MongoDB. The customer requested the admin panel that would let to manage the content and get the latest system statistics. This solution was written in React.js technology and is served by AWS, too. A supporting tool for both push notifications as well as analytics is Firebase SDK.

We were also responsible for UX/UI design of the app and our creative team prepared wireframes and ready-to-go design in a Figma tool.


Technologies we used:

React Native, React.js, AWS, Firebase, MongoDB, Figma

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