DevSecOps is our work methodology. Sec stands for project security and extends DevOps – software development and its maintenance. In the IT world, you will meet the DevSecOps concept, while we are awarded with Sec, because we believe that the security of your product is the absolute basis of its success.


Security as a key

Security must become an integral part of every product. At KYOUTU, we believe that only by creating secure DevSecOps solutions will you bring your company the results you are looking for. We effectively combine the programming and operational components daily to provide you with the highest possible service level.

Best tools & solutions

Our development team evolves its processes and implements new tools based on proven and professional solutions. The tools we use to create new products are based on market-known and secure services. That allows us to offer the highest security and quality  for our clients

Public Clouds
Public Clouds
aws Google-Cloud Microsoft Azure
Xen OpenVZ docker openstack Vmware
ansible cloud-init packer terraform
argo flux
beats Datadog fluentd kibana prometheus Splunk zabbix
checkov kind SonarQube
haproxy istio nginx openresty traefik
crossplane helm kyverno metallb openshift starboard strimzi trivy vault
Ceph drbd Gluster LVM unisonlogo
Openvswitch Shorewall
azure devops bamboo GitHub GitLab jenkins
kafka RabbitMQ
Elasticsearch Memcached mongo db mysql Neo4j PostgreSQL
Consul etcd horizontal
Cloudflare Fail2ban selinux waf
kyotutechnology team

Artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence can improve the DevOps experience, allows for faster software delivery speeds, and enables more efficient decision-making, better code quality, and operations automation.

Thank to the application of AI, we gain:

  • a more effective collaboration between teams. AI provides a consistent view of systems across the chain, making work safer and more efficient.
  • increased level of security as AI detects anomalies and threats based on real-time data.
  • In the event of a data crunch, AI allows prioritization of responses to alerts based on specific factors

    And these are just a few of the benefits on the long list.

We protect your product’s success with
Security First and Shift Left Security approaches


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